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Scanning FAQ

What is Crossfeed?

Crossfeed is an asset discovery tool that can be used to monitor and gather information about vulnerabilities on public-facing websites. Crossfeed is developed as an open-source tool, and its code is available on GitHub here.

How can I verify that traffic is coming from CISA's instance of Crossfeed?

All requests sent from CISA's instance of Crossfeed (except for requests to third-party APIs) are sent with the following User-Agent:

Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; Crossfeed/1.0; +

All requests are also signed in order to allow verification that the request was actually sent from CISA Crossfeed. To verify a request, please note down the request URL, "Date" header and the "Signature" header, and send them to

Who can I contact with further questions?

Please contact