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The REST API is built using Express. The code can be found in the backend directory. When running Crossfeed locally, the REST API is served from the container crossfeed_backend_1. We use the following technologies on the backend:

  • Express
  • TypeScript
  • Serverless Framework
  • TypeORM

Directory structure

The src folder contains all the code for the REST API. Most endpoints are located within the src/api directories, while database models are in the src/models directory.

Most endpoints have tests, which are located in the test directory.

The serverless.yml file contains configuration for REST API deployment. The REST API is deployed as a single lambda function that serves multiple routes through API Gateway and Express.


To configure properties for the REST API, you can modify environment variables in .env in the root directory.

If you need to configure the REST API for deployment, you should update the env.yml file. You may also need to update parameters in AWS SSM, as several environment variables use values that are stored in SSM.


Once a user logs in either with Cognito or, they call the /auth/callback on the REST API with their credential from either provider.

The REST API then verifies the credential and issues the user a JWT. The user uses this server-provided JWT to authenticate any future requests to the Crossfeed API by passing the JWT in the Authorization header.

One can also pass an API Key in the Authorization header when accessing the REST API programmatically. For more details, see API Reference.